DigiReactor presents: Le Grand Amateur of Problems

Developing digital services and products is made easy by us in the DigiReactor. Three simple rules makes you born digital and entrepreneur-minded citizen who knows how to hug the tiger!


Of course! Sign up for the two coaching sets

  1. ”Digital product Development” on Thurday mornings with excellent speakers to motivate and help you forward and beyond.
  2. ”From idea to Digital Service & Product”  workshop series starting on 3.11.

Oh, the three rules…, yes here they are:

  1. Love the problem
  2. Love the solution (and remember to love the problem, still)
  3. Hug the tiger! That is, this is collective action: trust & love people around you, you are doing the right things in the right way. Do not be afraid, we (other Grande Amateurs) understand and feel you, because we are the same!

See you next Thursday! Contact us if anything to ask!

BR, Antti (antti.tuomisto@utu.fi) and Satu (satu.aaltonen@utu.fi) and the whole DigiReactor team!

Antti @SparkUp with Grande Amateur

Picture credits to Satu Aaltonen.