Handind a heart

It is time for giving and loving!

That is what DigiReactor is also all about – giving and loving. In our fabulous breakfast events all through the autumn, there has been much talk about loving the problem. Especially about, the ways to figure out what new solutions and services are perceived valuable by the potential users of them. How can we bring added value to users’ lives, home or work, and their communities with digital services?

Now we can hardly wait for January to start. Why? Because, January will bring us all to the next phase of our program:  “The Coaching: From Idea to Digital Service and Product”. We will offer you new capabilities, expand your worldviews, and provide a set of skills and tools to bring content to your thinking of digital services development in your own context. These are to help you to know better yourself and your customers 🙂

Already a nice bunch of people with different backgrounds and ideas have signed up. But there is still room for few participants! You do not have to be a tech-savvy coder to participate. This is aimed to all of you who have a loving heart, want to make good things in the society and help people, and who are willing to learn how to create added value for others in this digital era. Hence, no previous knowledge on the topics is needed. Only willingness to open up a little bit your mind and heart, be part of the our DigiReactor group, and learn and co-create together.

On our website you find more detailed info of the program and sign up link!

DigiReactor’s Work Informatics team wishes you all a giving and loving holiday season!

Phases of the workshops