The Dream Team of IMMIT Students

From Smart to Smartest

A Company Case Story from IS students from Turun yliopisto – University of Turku and Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku.

Another international IMMIT Dream Team was given the task to help Brighthouse Intelligence, a digital solutions company, sell their latest innovation: the Smartbox, which the team appropriately dubbed the Smartest Box.

Alexandra Dollé, Laura Arias, Tom de Vries and Rens van Eggelen got to work right away. Because of the challenging circumstances, the collaboration with Brighthouse had to take place digitally, but that did not diminish the project’s quality, learnings, or outcomes.

The team was excited to bring their theoretical knowledge into practice: “for some of us, this was our first consulting project. Since most of us want to be consultants, this was the perfect place for us to get to know the field in an actual business setting.”

About their results, they continue: “we enjoyed analyzing the case and company. We were able to use the output from that analysis – combined with academic knowledge and previous professional experiences – to come up with a strategy for the product and associated service. It is exciting to hear that the report and presentation will really be used by the company!”

Markku Sahlström, Managing Director of Brighthouse Intelligence: ”We got excellent and very professional analysis which helps us to plan the sales and marketing strategy for our brand new product, the SmartBox.”

We can.

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