What is WI?

Professor emeritus Markku I. Nurminen

Work Informatics (WI) studies the relationship between the concept of work and information technology. WI is used as a model to examine the various activities supported by information technology and it is also a method used to accomplish practical results. The WI model is based on theoretical and empirical research.

Our approach is neither technical nor social. Information technology, the division of labor and the coordination of work and those who do the work, along with their knowledge and skills, fall equally under scrutiny. Our model of research and the execution of projects have been shown to be an effective tool since 1990’s. WI can be used to design, develop and evaluate the work supported by information technology.

With WI skills, competence and knowledge, one can improve existing ways of work implementation and make the utilization of existing information systems more effective and efficient. Also, the WI perspective can clarify the goals of the operation. The WI professional can participate in the design and development of new ways of working and the development of new information systems. The WI professional can also provide for the implementation of information systems to support work systems. Finally, the WI professional can employ user training in the use of new information technology.