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The New WI at GITM and Some Course Codes at TSE 29.8.2012

GITM structure (pages 28-35): Inlcudes also course descriptions (from page 56 onwards) and examination dates.

How to apply to WI and GITM:

About Wi and GITM:

Some course codes relating to Department of IT:

1) Basic and Subject level courses (mainly for Bachelor Degree)

TJ092142 TJ14 Tietojärjestelmien mallintaminen, 5 op
TJ092163 TJ16 Tietokannat, 5 op
TJ092201 TJ22 Tietojärjestelmien kehittäminen, 5 op
TJ092202 TJ23 Tietojärjestelmien kehittämisprojekti, 5 op
TJ092203 TJ24 Usability testing, 5 op

See page for more information

2) WI courses advanced level (for Master's Degree) :

TJ093224 TJS18 Knowledge Work, 10 op
TJ093225 TJS19 Master's Projects-erikoistyöt, 10 op
TJ093222 TJS16 Information Technology and Ethics, 5 op
TJ093033 TJS3 Information Systems Evaluation, 6 op
TJ093223 TJS17 Enterprise architecture, 6 op

More courses at page


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