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Courses: Fall 2012 28.8.2012


Hello everybody!

Fall 2012 is here, and systems have again changed a bit. The new intranet gives some new challenges, but I hope everything should be in order.
The registration to the courses ends on 30.8.2012.

Below you find some information on how to find the courses, time tables, schedules and registration. After you have collected the information and selected courses, then if you have some questions about your Personal Study Plan (HOPS), please contact me.

1) Information Systems:

Sign up to courses:
(Nettiopsu -> Ilmoittautuminen -> Turun kauppakorkeakoulu -> Johtamisen laitos )

Lectures etc. schedule:  --> (Find all instances of "TJ"-courses)

General info:


2) IT Department (basic, subject and advanced level):

3) Åbo Akademi (advanced level IS/CS courses):


IS courses (ÅA, see the section "Fördjupade studier"):

Masters courses on ICT (CS, SE, IS, ecommerce etc):

N/A) TUCS (advanced courses):

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