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Making of Neo Growth: SMEs Future is about Mobility and Knowledge Work 20.9.2012

Work Informatics conducted a research project on mobile work in Finnish SMEs. Project manager, lecturer Antti Tuomisto tells that our reserach related to larger Neo Growth Theme by TeliaSonera (see Neo Growth book, in Finnish).

The need for detailed study arouse from concerns of growth and well-being. Mika Hyötyläinen, Head of b2b Marketing at TeliaSonera, seeks for making difference:

“The new mobile technology seems to fulfill some technological and organizational gaps in common everyday work. The question, however, is that how to get the most out of the new possible practices so that the whole system still preserves its clarity and function.” states Hyötyläinen. “There seems to be need for a deeper paradigmatic shift in general in development of SMEs towards more mobile ecosystems” claims Hyötyläinen.

The data gathered from Finnish SMEs is quite unique:

“The study included extensive questionnaire on SMEs business, work and IT. The questionnaire included also questions about ideas and anticipations of the usage of the new mobile technology to change business and work into more mobile. The questionnaire was supported by a SME case study, which provided more detailed information from several actors and work roles.”, Tuomisto states.

Tuomisto continues:

“Based on the eye-opening data from the questionnaire, the SMEs current situations were analyzed with a holistic three phased model. Conclusions were that the SMEs mind-set seem to be towards making the company more mobile. But: the positive mind-set towards innovative changes is not enough as long there is not concrete services and solutions to provide guidance and direction towards sustainable development. The Neo Growth is not about technology, as we all know. The case study once again showed that this is about the individuals and their future: find the commitment, skills and expertise in your company, and then provide them the tools and work environment they dream of, and you’ll be surprised.”

More information available:

Arbab, S., Korelin J. & Tuomisto, A. 2012. Mobiiliteknologia ja uusi mobiilityö PK-yrityksissä. Work Informatics, Turun kauppakorkeakoulu, Turun yliopisto. In Gröönroos R. et al (eds.) Uuskasvun anatomia - opas parempaan tuottavuuteen. pp. 279-308.

Arbab, S. & Korelin J. (2012) Making Work Mobile in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Master Theses. Work Informatics, University of Turku. 123 p. , 16 appendix p.  (see abstract)

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