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WIUX is Usability and User Experience á la WI: Work, Information, User, Xperience 19.4.2012

Work Informatics Usability Laboratory provides unique services to companies. Services, that aim to increase both our long-term understanding of use of ICT at work as well short-term needs to solve practical on-site problems. The theoretical basis is Work Informatics.

WIUX lab has been busy lately with usability research studies.
Latest projects include:

  • Heuristic evaluation and usability testing of mobile application for home care personnel with Logica (
  • Usability testing of social multiplayer online game Gunshine with Supercell (
  • Usability testing of next generation digital television solution with Salovision (
  • Usability evaluation of electronic patient record system for recording health information to National Archive with Logica ( (forthcoming)
  • User experience study of accessibility solutions in portable devices
  • Research of semiotics of interface signs in web-based applications integrated to usability testing process
  • Research of paper prototypes usage in usability testing for IT development purposes
  • … and many more Master’s usability projects with local organizations ranging from tablet-based games and organizational virtual desktop systems to collaborative education ( and music development tools (

Please, see WIUX Brochure for further information.


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