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The Dawn of the Next Generation Feedback e-Learning Service – A Novel Case Study by ICT-portti and GetListed!


The CEO of Liitos, Risto Ahonen, Leadership Instructor, and Sirke Lohtaja-Ahonen, Communications Instructor, needed help in developing their well-established feedback training to the next level. Their goal was to gain more scalability and to increase volume. Their ideas about deploying gamification and e-services reached project researcher Jesse Kaukola and lecturer Antti Tuomisto from ICT-portti at the Innostu! ICT:stä -seminar in October 2015.

“I met Jesse in Innostu! ICT:stä -seminar and we started talking about collaboration and research services . We found immediately that we have a possibility to do something where everybody can win” Risto Ahonen says.

There were immediate agreement on the research project, and the project plan was established by December 2015. The project included specification of the new service and a design of the gamified parts of the service. These two parts are delivered together with University of Turku and Turku School of Applied Sciences.

Our new Get Listed (GL) service took care of the team creation at Turku University. Linda Sevelius and Emma Heikkilä, the creators of GL, announced this fascinating project to students via Facebook, email lists and www page. The team was formed: Lisa Ratz (IoT and machine learning), Mahri Charyyeva (IT and business communications), Nella Sarapelto (games and holistic systems), and Esa Grönberg (IT system specialist). Esa is currently studying at IT department, and the others are students at Turku School of Economics.

Sirke and Risto being coaches in the field of feedback, leadership and communication, their mission statement is that “we know your work place can be better”. Thus, behavioural change theory is one of their crucial parts of their book “Palaute kuuluu kaikille” (Feedback belongs to everyone) and provides the basis of knowledge retention. Now Liitos were interested to understand if e-learning tools are able to enhance their services to their customers.

This in mind the team started their research on behavioural change, learning methods and e-learning best practices. Evaluating these and looking into practical approaches, the team was able to propose not only a e-learning tool, but a whole e-learning path that also includes a pre-process and a post-process outside the digital environment.

WI Liitos Team How do I see IT in everyday life?

“We realised the importance of communication within learning and its impact on knowledge retention. As there are different types of learners - visual, auditory and tactile - we felt that the e-learning tool has to include all of these features and additionally. It has to engage and increase interaction with the users. We already saw this within our project team. Even though having all digitalised project management tools like Trello combined with Slack in place, real time communication was the most crucial part of our success.” - Mahri Charyyeva

“During my former 24 year career as a boat-carpenter, I’ve faced similar feedback issues that Liitos is working on with their customers. In most cases managers and employees aren’t trained to give and receive feedback. To me this project was interesting, because it gave an excellent opportunity to explore what are the mechanisms behind feedback. The beginning of the project was completely empty “table” and a most challenging was to build it piece by piece to reasonable package as a part of the group member. Liitos does valuable work to achieve the wellbeing to the employees. I would like to thank all intelligent and international team members. Also thanks to Jesse and Antti, who see things much further. I learned again.” - Esa Grönberg

“The project has provided me with an opportunity to be a consultant for a customer and to use the knowledge previously acquired through my studies in practice. Additionally, it was enhancing my research skills and my ability to link literature with practical problems. Due to our diverse team in terms of educational and cultural background, it was impressive to see diverging views on any kind of topic” - Lisa Ratz

“The project was a great opportunity to work with team members from different countries and cultures. It was instructive to note how important it is to create a common way of thinking in terms of the project, before concrete progress (e.g. writing report). The project was a good learning experience for co-operation and the various methods of communication.“ - Nella Sarapelto

The project has now finished the first phase with applauses. Next we will continue to play feedback games….

More information: Antti Tuomisto

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