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The art of team work: Research on targeted collaboration by Work Informatics and Akselworks Oy 18.3.2014

The series of Work Informatics Research Services continues. See also the research on Knowledge Workers Habits in collaboration with TeliaSonera, and the work system and ERP development at Timeka Oy.

The art of Team WorkPerfect match – collaboration makes sense

One beautiful day on spring 2013 Pekka Ylisirniö, CEO of a start-up company Akselworks Oy, clicked into Work Informatics web site. From that moment of serendipity following things happened:

  1. Pekka contacted Antti Tuomisto, the contact person of WI Research Services, and lecturer of Work Informatics,
  2. they met at AW's office at Helsinki, and also Pekka's right hand, Ari Tenhunen joined the meeting,,
  3. enthusiastic discussions with positive tension towards the unknown of holistic systems, human actors, team work, productivity, decision making, leadership of all kinds, quality of work life etc.,
  4. we made an agreement to continue this cultivation of novel thoughts, research journey together with more resources, and just like that, snap of fingers, the WI Research Team emerged with their beautiful minds to join the quest,
  5. then we wondered into lands of theory and practice of targeted collaboration, twisted our minds, tested our models, experienced the Akselworks tool, collected data from several cases, and analysed the data carefully,
  6. and then, (not so much overdue of the deadline that one might thought, because the topic just kept us in its tight intellectual embrace), the WI Research Team delivered the results to Pekka and Ari, and
  7. finally, WOW

But what says the customer? Did they get what they needed?

Pekka says: “In the first place, I was looking for "brains" and competence to share our vision on human actors working together in a more fruitful way. My own background is in both difficult business projects but also in system theory and math, and therefore some new, but at the same time similar, perspective was sought for. Work Informatics fits perfectly into our vision of skilled teams and efficient project work."

He continues: “The research team delivered what was ordered, and even more. The collaboration in the first sessions was so much fun and mind-opening, that we knew already then that the results would be useful. And they were!”

Pekka concludes: “Our Akselworks tool and service helps organizations to improve their project productivity even 25%, and especially in projects which are highly networked and complex. The software is now fully working, and the results from this Work Informatics study really helped the development. And they still do, there were so many points, that we are still working with some the findings.”

Research-as-a-Service from ICT-portti and Work Informatics

The research team consisted of five master students: Anna Yureva and Ali Raffad were in charge of the data gathering and analysis, meanwhile the rest of the pack, Niko Kangas, Raija Haikka-Palo and Maija Väisänen collaborated with the building of the tailored framework. Project researcher Jesse Kaukola assisted in the project management. "It was a dream team from my point of view", says Antti Tuomisto, manager of the Research project (Research-as-a-Service).  "Nothing was taken as granted. I just love this kind of research projects, where our students encompass our research tradition on work systems and apply it to non-trivial, complex systems with hermeneutic circles and abductive approach. The team learned so much, and so did I,” says Antti.

Antti: “We deliver our knowledge as Research-as-a-Service packages. Company collaboration starts at ICT-portti and Work Informatics, which knows how to make these agreements in a way that “serves all of us, and benefits all of us”. We have a long tradition of successful collaboration with companies, students and researcher."

Sincerely, Work Informatics and ICT-portti

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