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WI Research: Evaluation of the Current Work System Pays Off - Case Timeka Oy 20.1.2014

Work Informatics delivered a development project to Timeka Oy. Timeka Oy is an engineering workshop specialized in laser cutting. Timeka Oy approached Work Informatics in order to get their problems solved.

"We delivered our customer once again a high quality research as a service. This was beautiful! The deliverables were just what the customer was looking for. We were able to concentrate on our own special knowledge on developing work systems in a viable way. And at the same time our Master Students, who acted in the role of research assistants, were able to level and verify their knowledge on development of work systems. The students were also the missionaries of the solutions which reflected the work informatics approach. The solutions were both technical and organisational", says lecturer Antti Tuomisto.

The team members were WI students Niko Kangas and Henri Helenius. “The project was a great success! This was not an exercise or simulation, this was real. And the results we delivered actually affected the daily routines of the company. This kind of projects really challenges your knowledge, and you just learn the very essence of work systems and information systems development", state Niko and Henri.

- "Currently we have an interesting situation what comes to these customer projects. The fundamental concepts of releasing the potential on current information systems, and creating a representation of the current work system in a way that makes sense, pays off” says Tuomisto. "We know what we are doing, and the results are showing the validity of our approach."

Here you can find the press release by University of Turku (in Finnish).

For more information on Work Informatics, please contact lecturer Antti Tuomisto.