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WI Research: A fresh set of Knowledge Worker's Habits make a difference to TeliaSonera 18.12.2013

Work Informatics delivered the results of a research project to TeliaSonera: read more from TeliaSonera bulletin.

The object of study was Knowledge Workers, and their good, bad, and ugly habits. However, from work informatics point of view, this complex phenomenon started to make sense.

“We started from the fact that usually the work is done, and in most cases the Knowledge Workers try to do their best in a very hectic and challenging environment”, says project manager, lecturer Antti Tuomisto from Work Informatics.

“The study proceeded with several attempts for usable framework. But after the real work was made visible, and the specially created framework made sense to data and observations, then the fresh results were created”, Tuomisto continues.

- "Personally, I believe, that the full set of KWHabits can be useful, to make the difference to a specific work system.  It seems that the Knowledge Workers are quite often on the edge already, so better decisions about making work more efficient, effective, and productive are required.”, says Tuomisto.

“This is not about Knowledge Workers reading their emails with ‘wrong habits’, there is no need to put the blame on knowledge workers, and e.g. force their knowledge into some standard process or common behaviour. They are skilled persons, who know quite a lot. I believe this is a two-fold management issue: i) management, who should have more sophisticated approaches to work system development based on the individual set of workers, and ii) self-management of knowledge workers should be supported by new means. For these purposes, the fresh set of Knowledge Worker’s Habits gives a good basis to start the discussion.”

Here y ou can find the executive summary of the research by Anna Yureva, Zulfiqar Ali Raffad and Antti Tuomisto.

Thanks also to Shouaib Hashemi, who participated the project team.

For more information on Work Informatics, please contact lecturer Antti Tuomisto.