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WI goes to Logomo with ICT-portti, you should, too 17.12.2013

Work Informatics is one of the founders of ICT-Portti. Now ICT-Portti has landed at Logomo. This place has such new potential and fresh athmosphere, that we believe it will give us all a nice boost into mind- and eye-opening new projects.

"This really is an inspring environment", says lecturer Antti Tuomisto.

- I have tested this myself, and..., wow! We already have interesting new openings, new ideas for our RaaS (Research-as-a-service) services with Turku University of Applied School (Turun ammattikorkeakoulu), Tuomisto continues.

ICT-Portti community includes also Turku Science Park Oy. The three of us in cooperation with several others (Projektiässät, Korkeakoulukumppanit, Potkuri, TSE CCR) produce high-quality services to companies of all sizes and all lines of business.

But what will happen at Logomo? What new services, what does this mean to students? "We have some plans for our students to work asLogomo assistants, but we get back with details in January", informs lecturer Tuomisto

Meanwhile, read the recent story from UTU news.

For more information on Work Informatics, please contact lecturer Antti Tuomisto.