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Coping with your health? New citizen-based e-Health research from WI 7.6.2013

Work Informatics has currently very active research on e-health and Pärjäin (Coper).

"The Coper concept has proven most useful so far. With work informatics background, we have novel approach to the e-health topic. This has raised a lot of good, practical, yet research-oriented discussion with public sector and IT-service providers", states Pärjäin-pilotti manager, lecturer Antti Tuomisto.

From the project pages of Pärjäin-pilotti, you can see the recent publications on the topic. Nationally and globally there are lot of activities going on. For example: Taltioni, Kurkiaura, FeelGood and SalWe, and of course Pumppu.

"Further, this leads to a positive problem: we need several well-motivated students from WI, information systems and relevant fields to join us after holidays. There's a lot of to do", Antti continues. More information from lecturer Antti Tuomisto.

Sincerely, Antti Tuomisto
Work Informatics