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Knowledge Workers' Habits: The Good, The Bad, The Evil 1.3.2013

Work Informatics started a research project where the practical setting is "Knowledge Workers 10 Bad Habits". The more scientific setting is the knowledge workers ecosystem, the holistic system that the skilled individual performs his/her daily tasks (rountine or non-routine) to produce the services/products/outcomes that are needed for the larger system to survive. In this sense, the individual knowledge worker's work system is the conceptual core form which the plans, actions, and other issues are situated.

The research problem relates to current news on persepectives on the disruptive nature of email usage (sorry, in Finnish), decreasing working from home/remote, and use of mobile devices (including BYOD) and social media in ways that raise questions on quality and efficiency. Now we seek for fresh insight to this complex phenomeneon. The empirical part is due to this Spring, and results are ready by Fall 2013.

The research team is lead by lecturer Antti Tuomisto, and the research assistants are Ali Raffad and Shouaib Hashemi. Stay tuned.

yst.t. Antti, Ali and Shouaib
Work Informatics