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Being a Work Informatics Pro gives You more than You can imagine 28.11.2012

The intensive, unique higher education offered at WI slowly but surely starts to change our society.

During the last year a number of messages from WI professionals have reached us. The message is that these professionals position themselves in a unique way to work and business in ICT field.

One of the newest examples is Timo Palokankare (M.Sc., Work Informatics). "I was hired especially because of my WI skills and background. The WI itself and the courses and practical research and customer projects during the studies had a very positive impact on me and my current situation ", says Timo. "There is a lot of work to do to WI professionals,  that's for sure", he continues.

Timo's current position as a reliable and skilled team member is at doop dmp Oy.

Lecturer Antti Tuomisto: "I think that Timo's career as a WI student and an ICT professional nicely proves the fact that WI Master's Degree looks and feels like you. This is imporant nowadays, when we are seeking individuals who want to make the difference. The WI thinking combined with student's own personal interest and personality is a service, that gives you the opportunity to make the difference to yourself, your beloved ones, and your (=our) future."

Antti continues: "Also these messages from the business validate our research and our education strategy. We know that the change takes time, but WI has worked nicely for the last five years. The next big steps are ahead. Congratulations to Timo! And also congratulations to all our WI colleagues already in business or academia, or are about to enter it. Let's keep this (society) going!"