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Management of International IT Partnerships 6 ECTS - Spring 2012 9.2.2012

Note! There number of participants is limited!

Note! The deadline for all registrations is February 25th.

Course Syllabus
Responsible teacher: Hannu Salmela


Course as a whole

The overall grade of this course is determined as follows:

Grade from PART 1 Software business 4/6 (67%)
Grade from PART 2 Book exams 2/6 (33%)

You will have to pass PART 1 exam and the 2 book exams in PART 2 separately.
Please note that partially completed courses will not be included in the master’s degree diplomas awarded by the Turku School of Economics.

Registering to the course

TSE students register through the normal course registration system (registration time Feb 13 – Feb 25).

Other students register by sending an e-mail to (Subject: “registration to TJS6 course”)

  • Turku University students: Please include your University of Turku student number.
  • Åbo Akademi students: If you already have a University of Turku student number, please include it in your mail. If not, you’ll need to get one. I’ll send you further instructions as a reply to your registration mail.

The deadline for all registrations is February 25th.

The maximum number of students is limited to 35 students. If more than 35 students preregister, we will have to make selections.

Attendance to the first lecture is mandatory. If more than 35 students register, students who are not present in the first class will not be selected to the course.


Further information on this course can be delivered through Moodle at:
Key: ask key from


PART 1: Software business, 4 ECTS

Lecturer: KTT Arto Ojala, 20 hours.

(small changes can occur in the allocation of topics to lectures)

Introduction to software business (4h)
Wed 07.03.2012        16:00-20:00   LS09

            Characteristics of software
            Software industry (in Finland) and its importance
            Different types of software firms
            Cloud computing and business in cloud

Revenue models in software business (4h)
Thu 08.03.2012         8:00-10:00     LS07
Thu 08.03.2012         10:00-12:00   LS06
Software licensing
            Software renting
            Open-source software
            Software pricing

Business models in software business (4h)
Wed 21.03.2012        16:00-20:00   LS09

Establishment and growth of software business (4h)
Thu 22.03.2012         8:00-10:00     LS07
Thu 22.03.2012         10:00-12:00   LS06

            What is needed to start a software business?
            Competitive strategy in software business
            Social and business networks in software business
            Value networks in software business
            Opportunity recognition

Internationalization of software firms (4h)
Thu 29.03.2012         8:00-10:00     LS07
Thu 29.03.2012         10:00-12:00   LS06

            Foreign entry modes                                                                                                           
            Internationalization pathways
            Foreign market selection of software firms
            Networks and internationalization
            Impact of cultural differences in internationalization of software firms

Software business readings

Ojala, A. & Tyrväinen, P. (2011). Developing cloud business models: A case study on cloud gaming. IEEE Software, 28 (4), 42-47.

Ojala, A. & Tyrväinen, P. (2011). Value Networks in Cloud Computing. Journal of Business Strategy, 32 (6), 40-49.

Ojala, A. & Tyrväinen, P. (2007). Market Entry and Priority of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Software Industry: An Empirical Analysis of Cultural Distance, Geographical Distance, and Market Size. Journal of International Marketing, 15 (3), 123-149.

Ojala, A. (2009). Internationalization of knowledge-intensive SMEs: The role of network relationships in the entry to a psychically distant market. International Business Review, 18 (1), 50-59.

Ojala, A. & Tyrväinen, P. (2012). Revenue Models in Cloud Computing. Forthcoming to proceedings of 3rd Cloud Computing and Virtualization conference (CCV2012), Bali, Indonesia, May 7-8.2012.

Porter, M. 2008. The five competitive forces that shape strategy. Harvard Business Review, 86 (1), 78-93.

Lehmann, S. & Buxmann, P. (2009). Pricing Strategies of Software Vendors. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 1 (6), 452-462.

Exam dates:
12.4.2012 at 8-12 LS06 (additional exam)
14.5.2012 at 9-13
Two additional exam dates in Fall Term 2012

Exam 0930xxxx TJS6 Software business, lectures and literature 4 ECTS.


PART 2: International IT partnerships 2 ECTS

Examiner: KTT, prof. Hannu Salmela

Study materials

Student can choose 2 out of the following 3 books:

  • Customer-driven IT: how users are shaping technology industry growth, Moschella, David C. (2003), 1-57851-865-2.
  • Offshoring information technology: sourcing and outsourcing, E., Carmel and P. Tjia, -13 978-0-521-84355-3.
  • Business in Networks, H. Håkansson, D. Ford, L-E. Gadde, I. Snehota, A. Waluszewski, John Wiley and Sons, (2009) 978-0-470-74963-0.

Electronic exam
Because the number of books available in the course library is limited, we have made it possible for students to register to an individual exam. You can do the exam one book at a time, and at the time you find most comfortable to do it.

Here are the instructions for registering to the exam:

  • Login to the using your Turku University or Åbo Akademi user account and password
  • Follow instructions to register a time for your exam. (The site will also provide you other necessary instructions, such as the location of the electronic exam room, how to get the key to this room, etc.).
  • Read the book carefully
  • Go to the exam and answer the questions on the computer


Here are the exam codes in the electronic exam system for three books:

  • Mochella D.C.: [093062 TJS6_1] Management of International IT Partnerships, Literature/1 part, 1 ECTS
  • E., Carmel and P. Tjia: [093062 TJS6_2] Management of International IT Partnerships, Literature/2 part, 1 ECTS
  • Håkansson, D. Ford, L-E. Gadde, I. Snehota, A. Waluszewski: [093062 TJS6_3] Management of International IT Partnerships, Literature/3 part, 1 ECTS


Exam grading principles

When formulating your answers in the exam, please remember that the scale/criteria used in grading each question are as follows:

  • 0 points: The answer is not based on the concepts and ideas presented in the book. Based on the answer, it is unlikely that the student has read to book.
  • 1-2 points: The answer correctly addresses some issues mentioned in the book but is not very comprehensive or detailed. The answer shows that the student has read the book, but not very carefully.
  • 3-4: points: The answer is comprehensive and addresses all aspects mentioned in the book with sufficient detail. The answer shows that the student has read the book carefully.
  • 5 points: The answer is comprehensive, detailed and insightful. The answer shows that the student has used time to understand and internalise the ideas presented in the book.


Exam 0930xxxx TJS6 International IT partnerships, 2 ECTS.

Question lists
To be delivered to course participants