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Course: Organizational Implementation of Information Technology (OIIT) 20.1.2012

OIIT as a book exam in 2012

You have two options for the exam: It can be based on the previous course materials from 2009, or on the new updated materials starting in the beginning of April.

The reason for this is that some of you are eager to finalize your studies and would like to take the course now, which is possible by reading the 'old' set of materials from the moodle page OIIT 2009. Those of you, who want to have the latest set of readings, can wait till March when the materials is updated, some articles replaced with new ones on this very moodle page (OIIT 2012). After March it is not any more possible to take the exam based on the previous materials.

The exam will consist of essay questions: the exam will consist of five questions, of four you are expected answer (let's see if this is feasible in Tenttiakvaario). The weight of the questions is equal, but as this is based on my evaluations, this may change for your benefit.

I'll announce here as soon as the system is set up and running.

Professor Jukka T. Heikkilä a.k.a. jups