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Structure of the renewed Work Informatics Program 16.1.2012

The renewed Work Informatics offers unique expertise on Information Systems, Business, Organization and Work with state-of-art ICT management skills. These future specialists will guide and manage the way organisations and customers deploy ICT as part of everyday actions.

Work Informatics provides personal study plans to the WI Master Students. These study plans open the full personal potential of each student. Thus the student's own experience, background, interests and career planning have a great opportunity to be intertwined with WI, advanced level IS courses and minor courses. See more about courses from Education.

The three themes are:

1) The Essence of Work Informatics

Familiarize yourself with Work Informatics concepts, principles and theories. Understand the system as a whole, its architecture and the relation to work itself, workers (actors), tools and management. Identify individuals, actors, workers, and the humanistic dimension, and fit these to business and services. This include following courses:

TJSx Knowledge Work (TKO_2028) 10 sp
TJSx Enterprise Architecture 6 sp
TJSx User Centered Design (TKO_5058) 6 sp
TJS4 ICT Business and eServices 6 sp

2) Work and Business

Set your focus on ICT project issues from management to services. Learn more about business continuity, data management and business intelligence. Use these areas to find more and better information for information systems evaluation, decision making and making the difference for your organisation, customer organization and the whole society.

TJSe2 Management of IS projects 6 sp
TJS1 Management of ICT Services 6 sp
TJS13 Business Continuity Management 6 sp
TJSx Data Management and Business Intelligence 6 sp
TJSx Information Technology and Ethics (TKO_5434), 5 sp

3) Expert's Tools and Theories

Practice, practice, practice to become a skilled IT specialist. Theory and practice. There is no way out, you must get hands on the object itself: work systems. These courses and Master's Thesis will guide your way to the skilled specialist that the academia and business seeks for.

TJPG Master´s thesis 30 sp
TJSx Special assignment (TKO_5328) 12 op
TJSRM Research Methods 6 sp
MENY2 Philosophy of Science and Scientific Research 4 sp
TKMSY Statistical Inference 3 sp


The courses are under