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Courses: Spring 2012 20.12.2011

Hello everyone!

Busy Fall 2011 has come to end, and holidays are soon here.

Below is a list of IS-courses available at Spring. The list is, and I beg your pardon, a preliminary. Some changes, mainly additions should be on their way.
I hope that you'll are able to plan your 3rd period of this academic year. If any problems, please contact me.

How to sign to a non-IT-department course?

The integration of IS-courses between IT department (university) and TSE (Turku School of Economics) is not yet ready.
There has been some changes of systems, but the access to departments and various sets of courses has not been manageable yet.

Therefore some students can register through nettiopsu to these courses, but as far as I know, most of Work Informatics (and "older" tjt-students at IT department) cannot acces to these courses.

The official procedure to sign to these courses not on your nettiopsu list is the JOOPAS deal. Check it out from  However, for the moment, we prefer that you send a short, clear message to the course responsible (professor, lecturer, etc.) that you want to sign to his/her course for 3rd period. Include you name and student number and department (Work Informatics, Dept. of IT). Then, the course responsible could undertake the JOOPAS deal to this set of students.

Hopefully, we can get this fixed by the 4th period. Sorry about the inconveniences caused by messy systems.

NOTE! The registration to TSE courses ends at 26th of December. Please sign before that, if possible.

PS. We are already trying to get all WI students updated with all advanced IS courses at TSE. If this succeeds, then you can sign to these courses via nettiopsu.


See and

Development of Web Applications and Web Services | ÅAU / Dept. of Information Technologies | 5cp
Electronic Commerce | ÅAU / Dept. of Information Technologies | 5cp
Human Element in information security | UTU / Dept. of Information Technology | 5cp
ICT and the Changes in Work | ÅAU / Dept. of Information Technologies | 5cp
Information Systems Evaluation | UTU / Turku School of Economics | 6cp
Innovations in Information Systems | ÅAU / Dept. of Information Technologies
Management of ICT services | UTU / Turku School of Economics | 6cp
Management of International IT Partnerships | UTU / Turku School of Economics | 6cp
Mobile Value Services | ÅAU / Dept. of Information Technologies | 5cp
Technical Issues of Internet Data Center and Identity Management | UTU / Turku School of Economics

Also starring:
Research Methods, 6 sp
Master's Project, 10 sp
Master Thesis, 30 sp
Usability Testing, No lectures. Registration to Kimmo Tarkkanen,
- Part A: Take an e-exam:
- Part B: Empirical usability test in the laboratory with pair.
- See home page for more information.

To be informed later:
Organizational Implementation of IT, 5 sp, literature exam (to be announced)
User Centered design, 6 sp (to be announced)

Internship (6 sp, optional):
This is a task that everyone should also by him/herself try to work out! The staff helps and organizes as much as possible, but everyone should also do their own networking and contacting to company representatives.Use LinkedIn or similar to support your activities.

Also some subject level courses in Finnish (contact lecturer to ask possible English version):
TKO_V001 Käytettävyys jokapäiväisessä ympäristössä - CONNET 5-9 op
TKO_8922 Tietojenkäsittely ja yhteiskunta 4 op