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Updates in Work Informatics Degree in Information Systems 2.12.2011

Some updates have been made. Before the whole structure is presented, below is a list of courses assigned to WI Master's Degree (FM):

Major 80 sp (includes Thesis and Master's Project), Philosophy of Science and Scientific Research and Statistical Inference (7 sp), other studies according to approved Personal Study Plan 33 sp

Major (mandatory) 48 sp

Master´s thesis 30 sp
Research Methods 6 sp
Enterprise Architecture 6 sp
Management of IS projects 6 sp

Also mandatory 28 sp:
Knowledge Work 10 sp
User Centered Design 6 sp
Master's Project (Special assignment) 12 sp

Elective studies 33 sp: These can be a new minor (Management, Marketing, Sociology, Psychology, Statistics, Philosophy etc.), or more IS advanced level studies or other ICT-related advanced studies offered by TUCS or some other Finnish university (see JOOPAS-contract) or studies abroad.

More information will be available soon.

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