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e-Competence in Europe 2011 - a lot of work for all of us 10.10.2011

Study the report and interesting findings, e.g. "young talent that Europe needs is lacking". You can fulfill the gap, fox example, gaining expertise in areas such as "Innovation of Systems at Work, Productivity of Systems at Work and Management of Systems at Work"...

See the full report:

"The CEPIS Survey of Professional e-Competence in Europe is a pan-European project undertaken by CEPIS together with national informatics associations that are CEPIS members.

The purpose of this research is to produce and assess an up-to- date picture of the actual digital competences of IT professionals across Europe today, using profiles recognised by the labour market and analysing them based on the European e-Competence Framework. The survey has identified the e- competences of approximately 2000 IT professionals from 28 countries across Europe. Individual country reports have been created for those countries that reached 50 or more respondents and at least one cluster of a minimum of ten respondents with the same calculated profile."