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Courses: Fall 2011 24.8.2011

Below is a list of IS-related courses. There are also Bachlelor level courses, which are mainly in Finnish and for Bachelor level studies.
There are also some research projects going an. eLive and ICT-portti deal with SMEs and development of ISs and business. Pumppu develops eHealth services. Please ask to join in, and make some of your studies with these projects, including even your thesis.

TO DO list:
- Check the course list.
- Make your HOPS (personal study plan).
- If any questions, please send email to or visit my office.

1) TJT-kandiopetus (IS Bachelor studies)
2) Advanced level courses, Fall 2011
3) ICT-portti (ISD, SME), Pumppu (eHealth) and other assigments for advanced and/or subject level studies


NOTE! Check the location and start date of courses! Changes to schedules are possible!

1) TJT-kandiopetus (IS Bachelor studies)

IT Department Courses

1. periodi

LuK-seminaari (TJT-aiheille) 2 op
ja Kanditutkielma, 8 op
- sisältöohjausta yhdessä TuKKK/tjt:n kanssa, kieliopinnot IT-laitoksen aikataulun mukaisesti). Lisätietoa myöhemmin.
- KISU3322 1 op suoritusaikataulu varmistuu myöhemmin (suomen kielen kirjallinen)

TJKehittäminen, 5 op
- Jani Koskinen

Harjoitustyö, 2 op
- ICT-portti toimeksiantona, yksin tai pienessä ryhmässä
- Antti Tuomisto

ICT-innovaatiosta palveluliiketoiminnaksi
- Markku Tuomola
- Tue 16-18, Thu 16-18

2. periodi

Tietojärjestelmien mallintaminen, 5 op
- Kimmo Tarkkanen

Harjoitustyö, 2 op
- ICT-portti toimeksiantona, yksin tai pienessä ryhmässä
- Antti Tuomisto

Tietotekniikka työssä, 5 op
- Ilm.myöh.

TJKehittämisprojekti (ryhmätyö), 5 op
- Jani Koskinen ja NN

Yrityksen toiminnanohjausjärjestelmät
- Timo Lainema, Tuomo Helo

Paikkatietojärjestelmien peruskurssi
- Kohijoki


2) Advanced level courses, Fall 2011

Period I

Knowledge Work, 10 sp
- periods 1 to 2
- Markku Nurminen and Jukka Jups Heikkilä

Master Thesis Seminar, 4 sp
- Kai Kimppa, Reima Suomi
- period 1

Usability Testing, 5 sp
- Kimmo Tarkkanen
- period 1 to 4

Exercise project, 5 sp
- periods 1 to 4
- small exersice that combines theories and practice
- see also below "4. ICT-portti assignments"
- Antti Tuomisto

Master's Project, 10 sp
- periods 1 to 4
- usually a research project at customer organization performed by work pairs.
- please contact Antti Tuomisto for more information.

Master's Thesis, 30 sp
- please contact Kai Kimppa (

IT & Ethics, 5 sp
- Kai Kimppa

- Suomi and Li
- Tue 16-18, Thu 16-18

More IS studies, see TUCS page:

New Business Models (yrittäjyys)
- Malinen
- 2. period

Business Intelligence | ÅAU / Dept. of Information Technologies | 5cp
- Course information
- 1. period

Management of Cyberaggressions
- Course information
- 2. period

Management of IS Projects
- Timo Lainema
- 2. period

Management of Information System Security
- Jonna Järveläinen
- 2. period


3) ICT-portti (ISD, SME), Pumppu (eHealth) and other assigments for advanced and/or subject level studies

- depending on content these are either advanced level studies e.g. Exercise Project or subject level studies)
- Note! Most of these customer projects require fluent Finnish

Projects (e.g.):
- usability testing projects. These can be part of Usability Testing or course Exersice project course (5 sp), or an extra exersice project
- exersice projects in local IT companies (different types on projects, objectives are designed case by case and linked to student's personal study
- participation in customer project team (1-5 sp), several customer projects
- development of ICT-portti service pack (e.g. different types of projects with local IT companies) and participating in pilot projects And there is
more: several other projects (e.g. social media projects for Turku2011, prototype development, small research projects for IT companies etc.).
Please contact Antti Tuomisto (



Spend Your Summer Term 2012 Abroad - Apply for the Hilti Fellowship Award.
Application Deadline: October 1st, 2011.

Hilti Fellowship

Hilti awards the most talented Master students in Information Systems (IS) from around the globe with a truly unique fellowship program: The Hilti Fellowship is a combination of practical training at Hilti and academic learning at the University of Liechtenstein, designed to set the cornerstone for a successful future. As such, it combines a stay abroad with a challenging work experience, and the possibility to continue and deepen your Master studies at the same time:

1) Go abroad: You are invited to come to the Principality of Liechtenstein and spend five months in the beautiful alpine region of the Rhine Valley for both project work at Hilti and your Master studies at the University.
2) Enter an internship: Hilti offers you the possibility to be part of an international project team in the field of global IT and Business Process Management.
3) Continue your Master studies: You will be appointed for a position in the international IS Master program in Business Process Management (BPM) at the University of Liechtenstein.

Students from all around the globe have already taken part in the program, which is now being organized for the ninth time, including students from the University of Muenster, the LUISS University in Rome, the University of Turku, the Hong Kong City University, the Moscow Business School, and the University of Verona. A selected group of only 5 students are awarded each term. The selection follows a competitive international review and assessment process. The program also addresses students who will finish their Bachelor studies in the near future and plan to enter an international Master program the next winter term.

Applicant Profile: Master students
Term: Summer 2012, February 1st 2012 to June 30th 2012
Donation: 13.000 CHF per student
Application due: October 1st, 2011


Professor Jan vom Brocke
Hilti Chair of Business Process Management Director Institute of Information Systems University of Liechtenstein

Please direct all questions and emails regarding your application to We are very happy to assist you!

More information also from prof. Reima Suomi




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