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Top secret: WI and BI research provides solutions to reveal and manage the potential of everyday knowledge work 8.2.2012

This is an unpublished plan to develop work informatics and business informatics into theoretically sound yet very practical research area.
The new setting gives basis to build and manage holistic systems for organizations and the actors on the open scene of various types of actors.

Basically: what the organization does by its actors (workers) is what the organization wants to manage. Then, the better the understanding of knowledge work and work itself, the better are the decisions of the organization and its management.

Jukka T.
(a.k.a jups),

Markku I.






Keywords: Work Informatics, Business Informatics, Knowledge Work, inseparablity postulate, information systems development., three modalities of work, ICT solutions, evaluation, analysis, work processes, work role, business processes, CIO, management of IT-supported activities, IT-architecture for global, distributed ICT-enabled activities over a network of companies; institutional structure e-Business of intangible products, governance structure for National Enterprise Architecture Interoperability initiative of the Finnish Government office, Business and Value Modeling on IT enabled services, Master's Degree, Master's Program, GITM, Global Information Technology Management, Turku School of Economics