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New Usability: Knowledge Work into Product Development

The requirements for high usability can be obtained only by gathering of sophisticated user data, and by acknowledging the usability requirements in every phase of the product design and every step of the information system development process.

Work Informatics offers usability research a broader frame work, in which usability is studied from the holistic perspective of the smoothness and well-being of the work system under study. The study is conducted in the context of daily routines of the actors, workers or consumers, instead of just measuring some features of a computerized system.

We focus in our research to development of usability evaluation methods, and the ways the results of our usability studies are to be aligned with modern systems and product development processes. We conduct mainly empirical research in collaborator companies' real life product development projects, giving benefits to both parties. We collaborate with all size of companies and pubic organization over two decades.

Current and previous usability studies:

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Kimmo Tarkkanen

Above all: High Usability.

Pekka Reijonen

A Holistic Work and Worker.

Kai Kimppa

Usability. Naturally.