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Need assessment

Need assessment is used as a means to become familiar with the development plans of the enterprise in regards to its work activities. Our service seeks to define the organization's activities, its development potential and the inherent opportunities available when new technologies are used in conjunction with the reorganization of work activities. Deliverables of this service can be used for gaining efficiency in the organization's work activities and also to confront and analyze future challenges and possibilities.

When speaking of deliverables, we mean:
  • evaluating the organization of work and giving suggestions for any changes needed (by means of a definition for new work practices and processes)
  • evaluating the ways by which the present information systems are being exploited to assist the work of the organization and a presentation of how current information systems can be utilized more effectively
  • evaluating possible changes needed in information systems or evaluating the need for new applications
  • evaluating different visions of the future