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Health, wellbeing and technology have been corner stones of Work Informatics research conducted at the University of Turku. At a crossroad of these three is Health Technologies, a thematic area that has been the focal point of research since 1990, pioneered by the professor Markku I. Nurminen. At the turn of the millennium, the focus narrowed further to the role of the citizen whose information use and decision making have been under scrutiny since then.

A highlight of research in the field of citizen-centric eHealth services was the MyWellbeing project that ended in 2010. One of the most important contributions of the project was the technical concept for the Coper, a citizen-centric personal health record (PHR). The project was conducted alongside the Feelgood project by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and the projects had a significant impact on the national discussion on the relevance and use of PHRs in relation to (public) health services. In the early 2013, the projects led to the implementation of the citizen-centric PHR called Taltioni, and the projects had a later impact on the development of the citizen-side services of the National Archive of Health Information (Kanta).

The work that was started in the MyWellbeing project was continued in the Pump project (2011) where the University of Turku took part in development of citizen-centric eHealth services for the cardiac patients of the City of Turku. The project was developed with the City of Turku, patient associations, and it was part of The Centre of Expertise Programme (OSKE), which was a special government program for promoting utilization of the highest international standard of knowledge in the regions in question. In the last term of the program (2007-2013), the primary focus of the ICT program cluster in the Southwest Finland (Turku and Salo) was eHealth.

In 2016 the research has expanded to health care delivery, and related innovation ecosystems. In the research, the approach conforms to the core principles of Work Informatics, as the emphasis of research is on changing work and technology. Until the end of 2017, the research will be done in the University Hospitals as Innovation Platforms project (YSI) in the University Hospitals of Oulu and Turku. See more about YSI project (in Finnish).

Janne Lahtiranta

Expert of Health Technologies. Read Janne's dissertation.

Markku I. Nurminen

Pro Citizens and Well-being.

Kai Kimppa

Passionate IT Ethics lecturer and researcher.

Jani Koskinen

Developer of the System. But unconditionally people first.