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Ethics and Social Responsibility: Always in the Mind

ISESA (Information Systems, Ethics and Social Accountability) group works alongside Work Informatics and helps develop ethical and socially responsible information systems. The members of the group have just, responsible and ethical systems close to their heart and have helped develop them for years, some already for over fifteen years. On top of an applied approach the members of the group have a strong basis in theory – they are capable of reflecting Real World ™ problems through a tough theoretical lens.

The ISESA group is the largest, strongest and most capable Finnish ethical and responsible IS development group. The members of the group have published over a hundred academic papers on the topic of IS; most of those on the ethical and social consequences of systems.

The group is active in various EU FP6 and FP7 (see below) projects and is looking forward to Horizon 2020 Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) themed challenges. On top of this the members have participated in national level projects such as Pärjäin to provide a philosophical foundation for a citizen centred approach on responsible eHealth applications.

Current and previous projects:
Kai K. Kimppa

Passionate IT Ethics lecturer and researcher.

Jani Koskinen

Developer of the System. But unconditionnaly people first.

Anne-Marie Tuikka

The Defender. But attacking one. Digital and global.