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Education Degree Courses Master's Project Viewpoint
Seeing the benefits received by customer and concrete results inspired me. With WI I could combine my two educational backgrounds into one working entity.

Anne Koskinen, Project Researcher, University of Turku

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Coming from an engineering background, I feel that the Work Informatics program has helped me to see the role that technology plays within the larger context. Through WI, I discovered a new way of modeling different work environments, and found new ways of working using means that could work better than before — either using technology or sometimes even without it. Also, my earlier studies in sociology fit well into the WI program. I already had a concrete framework of study and I was able to observe reality in a way in which I can apply different sociological approaches. Most of all, I liked the idea of combining my two educational backgrounds into one working environment.

It felt good at the closing stages of the WI program, when I could apply in practice the theoretical concepts I studied for two years. One could see all the models and methods actually functioning together for the client, and it made all the courses I took in WI seem like they were really worth it. Concrete results, and seeing the benefits for the customer, really encouraged me to try and get acquainted more systematically with the fundamentals behind the education itself. I am now working with research projects in which I have been able to see where these ideas actually originate.

I am going to continue my present work as a researcher within various projects and use material from them in my doctoral thesis, which I am now planning. I would like to fill out the framework begun with WI by creating new examples from practice and theory, and I would like to continue working with WI-based technological product development. I don’t exclude the option that I would at some stage work as an information systems developer or be responsible for information administration, even if I find research more tempting at the moment.