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Education Degree Courses Master's Project Viewpoint


Work Informatics is part of Global Information Technology Programme (GITM), an international Master's Programme. It consists of a two year programme of study, which can be taken after the applicable Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study. This international Master’s Degree programme gives the student the competence needed to work in different areas related to IS, business and work development, and information management. These include requirements specification and the designing of information systems, evaluation of application entities in context with different work activities, and the execution of information system implementation at the organizational level. Our Master’s Degree programme also provides the practical skills and knowledge needed for the open-minded student to become an effective researcher.

The basic approach used in our study programme is the consideration of information technology and its context from the human and work (purposeful action) point of view. It questions how information technology can be made to function in a way that supports everyday work and the further utilization of information technology. Information technology and its context are not studied through the lens of technology. Instead, our programme emphasizes the social, the psychological, the political, the economic and the organizational aspects while keeping information technology as an important part of the whole.

After their studies, students are able to form a comprehensive image of the possibilities of information systems and how they could make the activities of individuals and organizations more efficient at various levels. Our programme offers future professionals essential skills, such as a strong analytic ability to visualize and represent possible problems in many ways by applying different kinds of modeling methods. The ability to represent and grasp a large assortment of information systems as a whole while including many different aspects is important because the applicability of a system has to be able to evaluate from the perspective of the person doing the work, the working organization, the administration and also from the standpoint of technical functionality. This demands the cooperation of many different individuals, including professionals educated in the Work Informatics Master’s programme, who can give their support by enhancing interaction between different occupational groups.

Our programme of study is based on verified results of scientific research, theoretical models and methods. Still, there is no attempt to diminish individual initiative and the application of one’s own curiosity, creativity and common sense. A competent and enthusiastic teaching and research staff is always ready to discuss and help. The personal study plan in WI guarantees a Master's Degree that looks and feels like you! W will tailor to you together a study plan that includes your viewpoint to ICT in your future field of society, business and academia.