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Corporate services

We assist enterprises in ways to make more effective use of their information systems. Our services can be placed at different stages of the life cycle of the system, ranging from planning and procurement to implementation and production use.

Work activities always form the starting point for our projects, which should be supported by technical systems. In addition to work activities, the basis for our research is the knowledge and the skills of those doing the work, the coordination of their work activities, and of course the information system itself.

Based on our knowledge of Work Informatics, we have come to the conclusion that even the most technically advanced information systems are not good enough to ensure the successful completion of work-related tasks with the best possible methods. The development of work-related activities always needs a more holistic approach. When the work to be done and the information systems used are incompatible, the phenomena of worker frustration and slow service appear.

The use of information systems can be made more effective, and we know how it is done. We have divided our services into four divisions.

Contact person for corporate services: lecturer Antti Tuomisto,
Need assessment

Generate an integrated development plan of reorganization of work activities and efficient use of new technologies in the corporation.

Bid evaluation

Evaluation of the match between corporate's needs and ISs offered by suppliers.

Implementation support

Implementation support of the reorganized work processes.

Evaluation of present systems

Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of current practices.