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Not only did we receive an objective and affordable analysis of our information system compatibility and operational goals, the results of the project even exceeded our expectations. A comprehensive assessment can be used to improve our business operations and as well as to communicate the requirements of our operations to the system suppliers.

Pekka Ojanen,CEO, Westlog Oy

Westlog from Raisio Finland sells logistic services to the Swedish SCA group for the manufacture of hygienic products. The company's other customers in Finland are cities, communities, hospitals, nursing homes and private persons. Turnover has been growing uniformly during the lifespan of the business, while at the same time, customer and service relations, including payment practices, have become more complex.

The goals of this particular project, begun in the spring of 2007, were to describe, model and evaluate relations between systems and business processes. The central information system has been used during the entire lifecycle of the company, and it has been actively developed. Changes made to the system often caused new, difficult conditions, which in turn led to uncertainty among the users of the system.

The impact of business processes can be observed with the help of the model. System development gets easier when the causes of demanding situations can be identified, which are in turn caused by the system and originating in some other place. A model made from the Westlog's holistic work system is also a basis for continuous documentation of developing work processes.