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Working together with information technology firms is not always easy. One gets the feeling that it is also necessary to be a specialist in the field of information technology. Although our core knowledge and skills lie elsewhere, the project made this cooperation considerably easier.

Markku Blom,CEO, Pertinax Oy

Pertinax is a company from Salo , Finland , and they manufacture, design and develop office supplies. Their product range consists of customized products such as soft reflectors and cases made from hard propane. Pertinax also makes files and folders like the kind found in the product catalog of Paperipalvelu.

The goal of our project with Pertinax, which began in the spring of 2006, was to analyze the present state of the company's Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). This goal came about because of the company's need to revise its ERP. Pertinax's existing work performance and business processes were described and modeled in relation to its information system.

The project produced a process model, which enabled Pertinax to design operations and make them more efficient. A project report has also been used as the basis for requirements set for the new ERP.