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WI Pro of the Season: Olga Moiseeva, Security Manager 1.12.2012

The series of Work Informatics Professionals at business and academia: person, skills, heart and motivation of an ICT expert continues.
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WI Pro Olga Moiseeva How do I see IT in everyday life?

I feel I should perhaps rephrase the original question: is IT really a necessary evil that pays my bills, literally? The truth is I couldn’t imagine my life without technology in it. Modern machinery that makes our lives so much easier in so many ways has brought numerous benefits to a humanity – but simultaneously “science and technology ruins the world”- debate has increasingly accelerated. The incredible innovations we see today may bring us to ask ourselves a simple question about computer science and IT: is it a blessing or a curse?  With great power comes even greater responsibility, and as we continue to accumulate the knowledge in a race against the laws of nature, physics and time in a search for a better life, it’s good to keep in mind that IT, after all, is just a tool.

What my current work is about?

I work as a Security Manager and my job is to maintain and develop the SAP security and authorizations concept within the organization. In addition to supporting daily operations and various projects, a great part of my work - and certainly a very inspiring one - is to align the business requirements with both sustainable SAP Security global reference model and with best practices.

Ensuring that any given new solution or development remains in line with the Security global reference model can be challenging as the business needs and processes within the organization vary greatly from one company unit to another.  SAP Authorisations across a large corporate environment and across multiple deployed SAP modules in the multicultural environment - that’s what I call a large-scale adventure playground.

What WI at Work means to me?

Work and Informatics are inseparable when it comes to what I do every day. My job, after all, is to ensure that individuals working in various positions all across the organization are able to perform their duties without jeopardizing the security of a sensible data. In a rapidly changing environment organizational functions and departments tend to mix, blend and change shapes. There is always a chance of a human error or a theoretical possibility of a fraud no matter how hard we try to minimize the risks. IT solutions within organizations tend to be complex and problems that people face when working with IT are very challenging, and therefore these situations require multi-talented skills. WI offers a practical set of tools to work with.

I find the researcher’s sacred word “process” has somehow lost its shine after years of popping up here and there, in multiple research papers, articles and instruction documents. But still, no matter how worn out it might seem at times to some of us, I just simply cannot ignore it: process is the key. One cannot overlook the context, the people and the desired outcome when attempting to execute certain tasks, to understand how technology works, not to mention to try making improvements or fix it. If you understand the process, you are half way there. And sometimes you already reached your goal.

Me and my future

I for once have become a strong believer in a WI approach and a holistic way of thinking: everything is related. And it’s not only IT: just think about all the other areas where WI approach can be applied. There is a lot of work out there so I’d better get to it :)


Olga Moiseeva
Security Manager
Rautaruukki Oyj