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WI Pro of the Season: Bahadir Gürkan 30.4.2015

The series of Work Informatics Professionals at business and academia: person, skills, heart and motivation of an ICT expert continues.
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WI Pro How do I see IT in everyday life?

The term “IT” is usually considered in the contexts of business, enterprise, or such, yet it is much bigger than that. I contemplate the position of IT in our everyday lives and what I see is that we are almost living life itself through IT. We simply wake up every day with the “smart” alarms of our smart phones; check our “smart” schedules to see what we will do that day, drink our coffees coming from “smart” machines; communicate with each other, do our works, exercise, heal and entertain ourselves through a screen. IT is in our nature, it has been there for a long time, and it will keep being there. 

During my postgraduate studies in computer information systems track of Near East University, the first thing I learned was that IT was there even in 3000 BC, on cave walls, carved with stones. Maybe, the walls and stones were not the “technology” in today’s sense yet it was the information and the technology together. We are evolving with IT as IT is evolving with us. The level of involvement is immense regardless of time. Is it scary? Absolutely not and I am happily excited for being a part of this evolution with the contributions of WI track of University of Turku on me.

What my current work is about?

I am currently working as a researcher in a collaborative project of ICT-Portti and WI. The purpose of our project is to provide benchmarking solutions for our customer, related with their external communications and their visibility on the new media with internet.

As a fast growing international brand, our customer reached us in a hesitant state. The main concern behind their consultation was to see the best ways of benefitting the internal and external communication channels that they had at hand. Hence, as a team of WI professionals we decided to respond to their needs with a versatile benchmarking project, and later on realized that we had to do something that had never been done before. However, as the well-equipped scholars and professionals of WI, we developed a brand new tool for internet visibility benchmarking. Since it is an iteratively developing tool, we had the chance to try it out in the market after the completion of the first phase and get the feedback from our customer. So far, as a result, we have developed a working tool of benchmarking with the versatility of showing what exact points to focus on, in order to carry the company to the next level in means of both external communication channels and new media. Along with the surprised-smiling faces of the customer, we are moving towards a promising end to our project.

What does WI at Work mean to me?

To me, WI at work means being empathetic towards the work and towards the technology, which that work requires. In every aspect of any work, human is the most essential factor, whether it is wood chopping or operating in an assembly line. Thus, it is for us to understand that the necessary technology for a work is not the work itself. With the teachings of WI, I became able to take a position towards work where I can get the holistic view of the work ecosystem that requires the harmony of human, technology and work itself in order to reach the utmost efficiency.

Me and my future

I have a rather “exotic” mixture of a professional background as having been a graphic designer for almost ten years and an IT specialized project manager for three years. Nowadays I am acting as a project researcher in the IT field. However, my love of games overweigh everything else and the Finnish industry of games is the best place that I want to see myself in at some point in the future, as a project manager. The ambiance, the unique ecosystem of game design and development with the knowledge of being part of an end product which lets people experience even the tiniest epic adventure is something that is ever-alluring.

Yours, Bahadir Gurer Gurkan
Passionate Research Assistant