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WI Pro of the Season: Henry Sandell 11.6.2014

The series of Work Informatics Professionals at business and academia: person, skills, heart and motivation of an ICT expert continues.
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WI Pro How do I see IT in everyday life?

IT plays a big role in my life as it does in pretty much everyone’s lives. Smartphone and apps are my personal assistants, laptop is my workhorse and internet is my friend, main source for information and the backbone for communication. This again is pretty common situation and most of us take these things for granted. WI-program made me not to take these things for granted and it has also made me think of ways how to improve IT related products and services and how the infrastructure behind these everyday things work.

This is sometimes quite frustrating for example when buying products from an ecommerce site that does not work as well as it could, or trying to buy train tickets from a ticket machine that has a touch screen which only registers every other push on the screen. So for me IT is everything and at the same time it makes me frustrated but I believe that from this frustration and from these problems comes the best solutions. I also think that in the future IT will have even bigger role in my and in everybody else’s lives. I look forward to that day when someone comes up with a handheld diagnostics device which will tell why someone is ill and then collect that data which is then used on curing that disease for good.

What my current work is about?

I currently work in a medium sized company called Descom that provides IT solutions to its customers who do business in the web. Descom provides internet based software and hardware solutions like ecommerce platforms, web analytics solutions and consulting related to these things. My current line of work consists consulting our clients in web analytics and web marketing. Our customers work in both B2B and in B2C fields in various different industries.

I work with web analytics solutions like Google Analytics and Comscore Digital Analytix. I help companies to perform better in web by collecting and using data about their current performance. I discuss with clients to make sure that we are doing the right things to achieve business goals that our customers have. Then we make sure that we measure all the right things. In the web sphere it is utmost important to collect all the available data and then analyze it from business goals point of view. This usually leads into making the right decisions where how to develop the web service further.

What does WI at Work mean to me?

WI Program has provided me a skill to be able to look something, usually customer’s business and organization, in an objective way and to point out issues from there. WI educated me about the importance of communication, and I get to use that skill every day. I could say that poor communication has ruined several projects. In general I could say that WI has helped me to better understand what could be the optimal solution or the key to fix a problem, no matter what the context is. Of course it taught me also valuable skills like coding or understanding usability.

Me and my future

I can’t imagine world without IT but I can imagine a better world tomorrow empowered by better IT solutions, as long as we do it right and that is how I see what WI is about. IT is a tool and we are those individuals who determine how well the tool is used.

I have played with the idea to further educate myself in the field of auditing, because I see IT and IT-related process audits as a systematical way to find issues and implement at least the best practice solutions to those issues. It would be cool to have a Ph.D or at least be part of the community which further develops methods for auditing.

Sincerely, Henry Sandell
Consultant, Internet Marketing, Web Analytics
Descom Oy