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WI Pro of the Season: Jennifer Ståhlberg, SAP Consultant 2.3.2015

The series of Work Informatics Professionals at business and academia: person, skills, heart and motivation of an ICT expert continues.
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WI Pro How do I see IT in everyday life?

I will start by saying that I find it more difficult to see everyday life without IT. The change has been staggering even in my short lifetime. And I am under 30!

My family has always had computers, but it was only after mid 90’s that things started to really change. Instead of going to the library, I started to search information online and then at some point making my homework with a computer as well. And do you remember when cellphones arrived? Since I was eleven I have never been without a phone. I remember the first day I took it to school: I was the first kid to have a phone in my entire school. The principal called my parents that day and demanded that I should not bring such a thing to the classroom anymore. It took only two years before cellphones were common in school hallways.

And it’s not just computers and phones. Think about it, what are you left with if you completely strip away all IT from your surroundings? What is the heating system in your house? Does your car run without any electronic devices? Can you even find a pen nearby? I can’t, I had to turn over my entire desk so that I could write a shopping list. Eventually I wrote it on my phone because I couldn’t find a pen!

What my current work is about?

My title is SAP Consultant, and I am deep in the world of SAP. However, I focus on only one small part of it. Anyone who is at least somewhat familiar with ERP systems knows that they can be devastatingly large. Initially, I started working with one module (Sales and Distribution) but then somehow found myself studying all about SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori is a collection of apps which were developed to give a simple, easy user experience. It mobilizes common business functions and can be used on almost any mobile device.

As a former WI student I took to the job like a duck to water. Little did I know when taking the Usability Testing course that I would also be using those skills in my future work soon. I’d like to say that my job is pretty ‘cool’. I play with different mobile devices and have workshops with end-users, testing and developing the end-product. I still have tons to learn, but I consider myself a fast learner.

What does WI at Work mean to me?

It may not come as a surprise that my work relates around User Experience. When I have to think about an application and how it should work, I immediately think about who is the end-user.

In this context, WI is heavily present when I have to plan how an average user could concentrate on their actual job and not using an application. A worker doesn’t want to spend his hours thinking how some reporting should be done in his new application. He doesn’t care what happens in the backend. He wants that device to fit his hand. My goal is to ensure that using Fiori-applications feels like putting a glove on your hand. Can’t get any simpler than that.

Me and my future

Currently my crystal ball says that riding on top of the SAP-wave with Fiori keeps me in close relations with SAP for quite some time. It wasn’t an easy start and there have been times when I felt overwhelmed and even exhausted from the information overload. In addition to deepening my knowledge under this domain, I will keep in mind that versatile skills are never a bad thing. Experience has taught me that a university degree was only a gateway for a constant learning process. Hopefully one day I will be the company guru who everyone turns to for knowledge.

Yours, Jennifer Ståhlberg
SAP Consultant