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WI Pro of the Season: Katriina Korenius, Senior Consultant 4.2.2013

The series of Work Informatics Professionals at business and academia: person, skills, heart and motivation of an ICT expert continues.
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WI Pro Katriina Korenius How do I see IT in everyday life?

Education in the WI programme led me to observe everyday life from a special WI-perspective. When visiting in my local convenience store, I pay attention to new self-service cash registers and start evaluating how they are working for me and what are the reactions of other people. This week I purchased first time drugs based on prescription delivered electronically to the pharmacy, and I admired how smoothly the process operated. Planning phase of a large information system implementation programme called Apotti in Finnish social & health sector is going on. I am following the journey of Apotti with a great interest … New technological innovations are developed continuously, and that is why there is more need for professionals taking care of how technology should be designed, implemented and used, in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders (whether being e.g. citizen, customer, CFO or shareholder).

What my current work is about?

My current work is about serving corporate customers. Basically, we deliver professional services to clients who want to improve their business performance or want to better manage their risks.

Quite often our services are delivered when the client is engaging a kick-off or is in the middle of executing transformation agenda set by the company management.  Client might have problems in planning the transformation, managing the change having various effects on people, processes and technology or struggling with realizing the benefits. On the other hand, our risk management services are requested when for example client operating globally finds it difficult to manage risks across geographies, business units and processes.

In practice, working as a Senior Consultant is about working in different kinds of client projects lasting from one week to few years. Working is much about communicating with clients, understanding the problems of the client, and designing and implementing a solution for the problems. It is about utilizing people skills in order to inspire and motivate project team to work towards the same direction. Analytical, logical and problem-solving skills are necessary.  All of this (and lot more) is needed in order to produce clear and convincing advisory for the client.

What WI at Work means to me?

In consulting work, I use WI as a set of skills when trying to understand client’s problem and designing solution for it. WI skills help me to approach the problem from holistic way, especially people, process and technology perspectives. That way it helps me to focus on the right thing on the right time.  WI skills are also very useful what it comes to supporting clients in their transformation projects.

Me and my future

For now I enjoy working in consulting world and I am planning to continue the journey and hopefully next I will focus on gaining international experience. I have a perfect opportunity to see what is going on in different kind of companies and industries. I am continuously learning new, gaining new insights and perspectives and having quite a lot of fun at the same time. This last thing is important! :)  


Katriina Korenius
Senior Consultant
Ernst & Young Oy