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WI Pro of the Season: Matti Toivonen, Quality Manager 1.3.2012

This is a new series of Work Informatics Professionals at business and academia: person, skills, heart and motivation of an ICT expert.
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How do I see IT in everyday life?

As technology has become the inevitable fact of our time the crucial question is how it is utilized. We seem to live a time of “early life support” of Information Society and still need to suffer time to time from “bad service experiences”. Of course there are great services out there but often I found myself in situations where even the miserable office clerk is replaced by some machine and I still get frustrated from not being understood and with no change to negotiate. It seems that IT as a profession has still long way to go to reach a comprehensively acceptable maturity level.

What my current work is about?

I have always felt some attraction to IT and Business alignment. Actually, what else is IT really all about then providing value for the Business, end-users or consumers? After introduction to IT Service Management there has not been turning back for me. Fortunately I have always had a chance to practice the lessons in real business environment and network with people sharing the same passion.

At the moment, being responsible for Quality and Process development there needs to be some understanding of underlying technology. Yet most important skills seem to be an ability to listen other people, analyzing the situations, presenting things naturally and taking responsibility. These will form the cornerstones for all the process development activities and after that we can continue to see how the technical challenges will be solved and how to get all the tools aligned. The focus, as in all IT actions, must be on customers and providing value to them.

What WI at Work means to me?

Looking back to the time spent in WI-program, I can see that even the earliest “education plan” was reflecting the reality quite nicely. Technology and Information Systems or Services are nothing without people and it is the people who make things complicated in this field. In that sense we need people who understand the technical part but on the other hand we need people who understand the process, social and political impact of that specific technology. I often refer these types of professionals as “translators” as they are able to translate management requirements into something that even the techies can understand and vise versa.

In my mind I really like to think that this is what WI-program provides and produces professionals like this, the Translators of Business IT. Looking around me it is quite obvious that there is a need for this in the field.

Me and my future

After graduation in 2008 there has not been single workday without some education. Some of them have been formal, some more or less informal. I will continue educate myself in every possible field and try to avoid losing my curious nature and naïve attitude towards new development opportunities and continual improvement. I think that the best way to achieve this is by networking with new and interesting people who share the same values.


Matti Toivonen
Quality Manager at Itella Information
Member of the Board at itSMF Finland