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WI Pro of the Season: Henrik Lintunen 26.10.2014

The series of Work Informatics Professionals at business and academia: person, skills, heart and motivation of an ICT expert continues.
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WI Pro How do I see IT in everyday life?

You could say that information technology in general is luxury in our abundant life. On the other hand IT is like fire: powerful aid and at the same time phenomenon that would be better to treat with care. Furthermore, you must be able to use IT in order to get the best out of it. By this I do not mean only the technological ability, for example programming skills or being able to use your smart phone properly. But, as far as I understand, what is even more important is the ability to understand the whole picture of it:  the best ways to use different technologies, impacts of the use and the perspective of human being as an actor of the information system.

I think that you should also be able to see through the glory of IT as most of it is not such a brilliant or useful at all. A sort of minimalism as a principle is my preference also with IT. I tend to clean up all the unimportant and useless stuff away and concentrate on the essential. In great measure IT relates to fun and enjoyable affairs for me and this is, alongside with the serious stuff, what I do consider as essential.

What my current work is about?

I work in IT consulting industry in Helsinki. My current work role relates to change management in software engineering in Java technology platform. The daily work consists of defining requirements of the customer, being a sort of author between the customer in one side and the programmer on the other end. This means lots of communication with customers, teammates and also programmers. Analytical and logical thinking, creativity, preciseness and social qualities are helpful with the work. At the end of day, my work is about making customer’s performance more effective.

What does WI at Work mean to me?

The Work Informatics approach has given me the perspective that technology as such is not the whole picture of the solution. This seems obvious but in complex work the perspective is easy to lose. Once in a while, you should be able to stop and observe the system from a distance. WI means about taking the human being into consideration – and not only in the case of customer but also with your own colleagues. One of the less obvious perspectives that WI have been clarifying is the aspect of ethics. Work Informatics means the awareness of different viewpoints of information systems in both customer and provider side. However, in IT industry the dominants should be the end user and the purpose of the delivery for the customer. Here is the intersection of ethics and business. Doing business ethically is causing long-term effects, I believe. For me WI is also about understanding that we are not just using information systems but we are essential part of them.

Me and my future

Talking about future and IT in one sentence is not that difficult. On that aspect I do consider my future working life as quite bright. As IT industry is growing and rapidly changing there will be very interesting things going on now and in the future. I consider myself as lucky to be in vantage point of the modern society. Although I am talking about luck here, the major part of building one’s future is really about determination. You have to decide it and then do it. And meanwhile, keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Henrik Lintunen
Software Engineering Analyst, Project Development Domain