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WI Pro of the Season: Jani Koskinen, eHealth researcher 22.10.2012

This is a new series of Work Informatics Professionals at business and academia: person, skills, heart and motivation of an ICT expert.
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How do I see IT in everyday life?

Information technology is commonly seen as way to improve our life, economy, and even society. I agree that in many cases. Nevertheless, I see the technology as something that we have to carefully analyse and keep it under rational discourse, because it is double- edged sword. Without proper evaluation from different view-points we will miss problems which come out with technology (and there are problems, I can guarantee). If we do not prepare ourselves, outcomes of new or old technology are easily not what were desired or predicted. I see that there is possibility for ethical problems in information technology and those problems could possibly be avoided with proper analyse.

What my current work is about?

Currently, I am project researcher in project called “Coper-pilot” (Pärjäin-pilotti). Coper-pilot is European Regional Development Funded project which purpose is to delivers e-service pilot for heart-patients on the municipal e-Health system of city of Turku.
Our project team is focusing to develop citizen-centric eHealth solution, which would be helping people in their everyday life. This means, we are not focusing on disease, we are more like focusing of people  even the target group is heart patients.  So, we are looking to see how we can motivate people to improve their wellbeing seamlessly in diverse healthcare sector, and keeping people in focus all the time.

My personal interest lies in area of ethics and healthcare information system, which is also one major aspect in Coper-pilot. Ethics has central stage in healthcare, and thus it obviously must be taken account in information technology development and use in healthcare.

What WI at Work means to me?

Work Informatics (WI) is to me something what brings the people in sight behind organizations and information systems. Work is someone’s action for some goal or purpose. Thus, in my perspective WI is much more than work with computers in some company or organization. Moreover it is target oriented action for some purpose in general. We must understand the goal of action, before we can use or even consider technology to be part of that action. This is the core of WI and it is applicable in every place where information technology is used.  WI also brings out the need for different areas of expertise; we need other people to reach understanding of complex world where we all are living on. WI is encouraging people together gather understanding, not just using technology blindly. Shortly, WI is broadminded way to look, learn and alter the world.

Me and my future

I like to see that my post-graduate studies on healthcare information ethics would be over in few years. Anyway, I would be more than happy if I could work with ethics, information technology, Healthcare in future too. It is a long road to go ;)


Jani Koskinen
Project Researcher
Work Informatics, Information System Science, University of Turku