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Work and Inspiration: WI's First Lady 29.5.2013

The new series of Distinguished Work Informatics Professionals.

WI First Lady Anne Koskinen-Kannisto Anne Koskinen-Kannisto...

... defended her dissertation on Saturday, 20.4.2013. Title of her dissertation is 'Situational Awareness Concept in a multinational collaboration environment - challenges in the Information Sharing Framework.'

Anne became the first WI Master to have her dissertation. She also holds pole positions for being the first WI Master in 2007, and also being the first to have dissertation in Military Technology. Quite achievements, must say. "Is this because of Work Informatics, or is this because of you?" one might ask.

"I got the inspiration...

... to do my dissertation from the WI-experiences, by being able to support actual work environments with the ideologies of WI. I have always been pragmatic and everything I have done related to research had to have a goal to support actual practice. The saying by Kurt Lewin, researcher who coined the term action research, "nothing is as practical as a good theory" has been my guideline while doing research also after WI studies. The satisfaction is guaranteed when the research results are implemented into use and you get the feedback from the individuals how their work practices and ways of working have been improved. That is the best reward there is. My future ambitions are related to implementing the lessons learned and findings into concrete concepts that different organizations can benefit from."

"My dream is ...

... to support both governmental and corporation level organizations in the goal of getting continuous improvement as a part of their everyday work so that the gaining needed level of situational awareness and support for collaboration are supported with the best possible organizational and technological solutions, in the spirit of WI, of course."

So, D.Mil.Sc. Anne Koskinen-Kannisto, what are your ideas of making better future today?
"I was honored...

... to be the first to make my dissertation related to Military Technology. After a quick browsing, it seems that this type of approach in Military Sciences is unique. I was probably the first - but hopefully not the last - to mix approaches and to seek another perspective to study these types of phenomenon. This honor came also with a responsibility. I wanted to make a statement that technology should be recognized as a supporting function, not as value per se. Technology should not be handled separate from the surrounding context (note: inseparability postulate from Work Informatics). I have faced a lot of questions about this perspective and I am pleased to speak out the WI ideologies where the individuals and work are in the center of focus.

I have focused on the complexity of information sharing and decision making in collaboration. Since neither are build nor created in vacuity, but in the organizational framework by the people doing it with the technological capabilities, enabled by the organizational structures, it gives the justification to observe the collaboration environment from a multidisciplinary view - not just from the technological perspective."

"This is the strength of WI...

... ideologies: Looking at the work environment as a whole, understanding the enablers and challenges related to the working context. My colleagues and associates have learned to know me as the "researcher" and "analyst" even though my work field is heavily related to project management, development of both processes and wider technological solutions. Still I always want to add the scientific approach to validate whether our decisions are valid and to analyze the best possible solutions.

 "Take the unknown by the hand, and say "Let's go"


- Anne Koskinen-Kannisto
Chief of Systems Development, Finnish Defence Forces, Naval Command

Direct link to Anne's dissertation